Get the Look using Sleek Eye Dust in Scuba 

I really wanted to use this Sleek’s eye dust which I never used since I bought it. At last i got my hands on it and created this look. I got warming but rather I should say HOT response when I shared this look. 


 I got many requests to post a tutorial/pictorial on this look but being a lazy head,I can’t make a pictorial as I have to do it all from the start. So I’m sharing steps for this look. But from now on, I’ll make pictorial of every look so that I don’t have to do it second time. I’m sure this would be the look to get you ‘THE LOOK’. Let’s get to the steps now.


Products Used:


Urban Decay Eye Primer

Sleek Eye Dust in Scuba

An unbranded palette that I got from

BH 120 eyeshadow palette 1st edition

L’oréal Gel Intenza liner in Pure Black

L’oréal Butterfly mascara




1. Prime you eyelid using an eye primer.

2. Apply Scuba (1) on lid upto the crease in dabbing motion.

3. Take Navy Blue eyeshadow (2), apply it on the crease keeping higher intensity at outer corner and blend it towards inner corner. Darken up the eyeshadow until you achieve desired intensity. Blend it well with the eyeshadow applied previously.

4. Taking Bright Pink eyeshadow (3) mixed with a lil bit of Neon Pink eyeshadow (4), apply it over the Navy Blue eyeshadow. Blend it well to remove harsh lines.

5. Highlight brow bone using Vanilla coloured eyeshadow (5).

6. Apply the same Navy Blue eyeshadow on the lower lash line using an angled brush.

7. Draw a cat eye/ winged liner.

8. Curl lashes, apply false lashes, apply mascara on upper and lower lashes and you’re good to go!


Here’s the final look



Here are the eyeshadows used:





If you’ve recreated this look, share it, I’d love to see it ❤

Leave your comments below.




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