My Experience- Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Secret Swap Activity

It was the first time I participated in this fun Secret Swap activity which was organised by PBBC. I was very excited. Normally it’s for bloggers only but this time they also included non-bloggers in this fun activity.

Here’s the whole working of this swap activity, first you have to fill a form which is published on the blog-site by PBBC admins, which includes all your details like address etc and of course your wishlist. Then you’re paired with a person and you have to send them some goodies according to their taste and of course you get some goodies also (identity of the sender is kept secret) then you have to guess the sender at the end.

I did the same, I signed up for the swap as a non-blogger (as I didn’t owned any blog then). I was paired with Zainab Ihasan Qadir (non-blogger) through an email. I sent her few goodies according to her taste.




These were mine goodies sent by Zainab.


The parcel included:

L’oréal gel Intenza liner

Nail paint by Medora

Lipstick by Medora

Eyelashes by Kryolan

Essence Vintage District Blush


And yes how can I forget about that lovely letter she wrote for me. I was really flattered ❤



I loved each and everything I got. I loved and enjoyed this swap activity and InshaAllah I will participate in future swap activities also.

Thanks to PBBC and the lovely admins. ❤

Hope you enjoyed reading my experience.